Individual, unique and made one at a time. Hobo Nation Guitars offer full scale length necks, compound radius fingerboards and compensated nuts. An oiled neck and fast action makes for superior playability in these compact custom guitars. Built around cigar boxes, biscuit tins and anything else acoustically promising, all components are hand crafted. Built for players. Express yourself with art that sings in your hands.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Vancouver East Side Culture Crawl

Come down to 393 Powell street at Octopus studios in East Vancouver to see the latest cigar box and biscuit tin ukuleles and guitars. New are custom hard cases wrapped in burlap with a vintage tweed look. And because of more tackle box guitar!
November 18  5-10pm
                19  11am-6pm
                20  11am-6pm

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tackle box guitar

I've been getting some requests to talk about the guitar I built around a 1940's tackle box for singer/ guitarist Brad Barr I had met Brad and was impressed with his fluid and inspired playing, and started the search for something that i thought represented him, aesthetically and sonically. Something vintage, warm and unique. I had quite a few vintage containers in my shop but none really seemed suited for the task. A local theatre company who I have performed with and built instruments for was culling a props room when I spied a beautifully mottled green rusty box. I picked it up, tapped on it and could imagine the sound of the thick old steel loaded with string tension. I could imagine Brad playing this. To the shop it went. A neck was carved, bridge routed, contrasting shiny appointments were added and a edgy little green monster took it's first breath. Brad has been raising this little monster with a firm and competent hand, making it bark that ferocious bluesy growl. The Tackle box guitar, like all guitars I make are entirely hand made, and hand wired. The pickup is an EMG stacked humbucker. The latch works and opens to expose the guts. It's got teeth and a beautiful guitar player gives it a soul. An entirely satisfying commission.